How to find a trusted Thai house sales team!

Foreigners who are not local to Thailand can purchase 49% of the total space of any apartment. If you want to buy property overseas, the most important points include the location of the house purchase, price, return on investment, rental management and transaction security. , One-stop housing professional, you can easily solve, Mr. Thailand has a professional full-service sales agency to meet customers’ overseas investment needs.

Outstanding Achievements

Mr.Thailand has outstanding achievements in the management of new cases, has established a good reputation in Thailand, and has a good reputation. The service has a complete and careful service from the customer inquiries, before the purchase to after the purchase, so that the buyer will not After signing the sale and purchase agreement, the service is ended, but to continue to assist customers, assess individual needs, and provide buyers with a comprehensive range of comprehensive services, eliminating customer worries.

The sales price in Bangkok is 3% of the selling price, and Mr. Thailand is at your service throughout the day. The response speed is fast and the attitude is very friendly. As for the customer’s feelings? Lion, a guest who once gave us a sale, said, “Mr. Thailand ’s property is very sincere in providing the sale service. If any payment service is involved, the tenants will be ed first and high value-added services will be provided. Very detailed suggestions will also be arranged. “

Another guest, Andrew, also said, “Mr. Thailand has a passion for service and will find ways to solve the demand for agency sales.”

Pre-screening and Evaluation

Mr.Thailand Thailand has pre-screening and evaluation of buyer background services to make people feel at ease. Unlike his agency service, he has an integrated service platform that can reassure homeowners. In terms of sales, Mr.Thailand handles more than 1,000 a year A residential resale transaction, with a detailed customer database, can provide real-time market reports, residential price analysis, and even a price-sensitive grasp, not only trustworthy but also the first choice for homeowners and investors.

First Choice for Investors

The Thai housing market has always been the first choice for investors to purchase property overseas. At present, the local government promotes the 4.0 plan-Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), which in turn drives house prices to take off, creating high growth momentum, excluding growth. The average investment is up to about 6%, and can With permanent property rights, it attracts global investment attention, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other places are all loved to buy property here; plus Mr. Thailand also has a stable one-stop service for investors, looking for a generation Remember to find the best service if you want to sell service!

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